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eb Service GmbH, is a real estate broker headquartered in Salzburg, providing high quality professional services to private trusts, family offices and high net worth individuals as well as institutional investors like banks, pension funds, insurance companies and investment funds. Our clients who mainly come from Austria, Germany and Switzerland consistently optimise their investment portfolio over time, so there is a steady flow of investment properties and development projects to which we are granted access - often exclusively - and which are usually sold off market. In Austria, Germany and internationally.

We are professional, work discretely and are well informed regarding the preferences of domestic and international investors as well as the different segments of the property market.
In Austria and in Germany. We will consult you and pre-select properties based on your investment objectives if you are a buyer or will shortlist and procure investors according to their purchasing profiles if you are a seller. We consider it our core task to serve the interests of sellers and investors alike and bring them in line. In the whole process we support both parties and ensure that the transaction is handled in the most reputable and competent manner.

For our clients confidentiality is of great importance when marketing their exclusive real estate, property that cannot be found on the internet or in print catalogues. Please contact us and we will gladly introduce you to our portfolio of outstanding properties in a personal meeting and arrange a guided tour.

Investments in Real Estate

Wealth managers who are tasked with preserving their clients´ fortune, often accumulated over generations, invest in real estate. Whether you are commercial or private investor, an institutional buyer, a private foundation, or a family office, any well-balanced investment portfolio contains real estate. Property investments are attractive from a safety perspective, however the currently extremely low interest rates add to their appeal, with real estate offering investors dependable long term returns and the potential of increasing asset values.

Where to Invest?

We offer prime real estate in all areas of Austria and Germany. While the focus in commercial property in Austria is traditionally is on Vienna, Linz and Salzburg and on the top 7 cities Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Cologne, private investors also look beyond the regional capitals and are interested in the touristic regions and the country side. Here again, we offer exclusive properties ranging from chalets in prime skiing resorts to waterfront estates, for instance at one of the many stunning Austrian lakes.


Vienna is different. This holds true for the well-known slogan of the federal republic´s capital and also for its real estate. With an enormous stock of classic well-preserved residential estates dating from the so-called Gründerzeit era (1850 to 1914), Vienna is the premier address for investments in this segment. It is the first choice for large corporations for commercial property and company headquarters. In addition, Vienna has ranked first globally in © Mercer´s Quality of Living Survey for the eighth consecutive year, making the town an attractive destination for multinationals, their employees and high net worth individuals.

Other Regions

Apart from Vienna, the most interesting locations for property investments are Salzburg, Linz, Graz and Innsbruck. With lower overall asset values than in Vienna, returns in these towns are generally higher. Many domestic investors prefer to put their money into property that is located near to where they live while private investors buy property mainly in urban areas or Austria´s holiday destinations.