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Germany | Austria´s neighbour country has traditionally been its most important economic partner and many Austrian companies have a very successful track record in the German market. This is especially true in the construction and real estate market where many of the large players in the German market have Austrian roots or are subsidiaries of Austrian companies. The great interest in the German real estate market by Austrian companies can be explained by the size and the resulting multiplying factors and market opportunities in comparison to the local market.

eb Service GmbH´s is actively sourcing properties and development projects in Germany for Austrian and international investors on the one side and facilitating the sale of properties and developments projects in the asset classes office/retail/commercial/hotels for German owners and developers on the other side.

The focus in offices/retail and commercial properties is on the top-7 cities of Germany - Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Cologne - as well as the most important towns in the eastern federal states like Potsdam, Leipzig, Halle and Dresden. In the hotel segment the focus is on metropolitan regions with more than 1 million overnight stays per year and includes existing properties with or without operator and development projects.