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Austria | In its home market Austria, eb Service GmbH provides its set of services across the whole country and across all business segments and asset classes, respectively. For an investor looking at Austria from across the border, the main interest is usually Vienna. The capital of the federal republic has a sheer inexhaustible pool of "Gründerzeithäuser", residential apartment buildings with beautifully structured facades, built around the turn of the 18th to the 19th century. Their number is approximately 30.000 and they are a safe and attractive investment, even though there has been substantial pressure on yields for several years. Vienna has ranked first globally for eight consecutive years, as the city with the highest quality of living and has a rising population which makes it an excellent investment market for residential buildings in the mid to long run.

Vienna is also historically a hub to the east. With its close network and connections to the eastern and southeastern European countries, many international groups chose the town for their European headquarters, joining the vast majority of large sized Austrian companies. Vienna thus is Austrias most important office market with a large stock of high quality office space, many new buildings and a busy development pipe line.

From a tourism perspective, Austria´s capital is one of the most visited destinations in Europe and counted approximately 15 million overnight stays in 2016, with arrivals steadily growing. The number of hotel developments, ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels and including alternative concepts like longstay and aparthotels, mirrors this trend. Vienna is furthermore the largest university town in the German speaking world.

The dynamic development does not stop in Vienna but includes other regions of the country, in particular the capitals of the federal districts like Linz, Graz, Innsbruck and Salzburg. With headquarters in Salzburg eb Service GmbH often has access to off-market properties and projects in and around town.